Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7th - Heather

First major dislike of the blogger app for android...when I went in to post for June 10th, it wrote over this post for June 7th.  I'll attempt to recreate it....but if you read June 7th's post on June 7th or 8th....this is a re-creation and not the original.

1.  I stumbled upon a website with craft patterns (many of them free). has tons of knitting, crocheting, paper crafting, sewing, quilting patterns and more.  I found a handful of free knitting and crocheting patterns that will help me along on my quest to give more handmade gifts when and where possible.

2.  I have not killed my office plants!  This is major for the girl who killed two cacti as a child....the little pink one is even blooming!!!

3.  Google Reader.  As you can tell from some of my recent posts, I've begun following quite a few blogs.  Now I can keep track of which posts I've read and read through them a bit easier in Google Reader.  

4.  I'm also thankful for the Reader widget for my iGoogle homepage.  I like keeping everything in one place on my homepage.

5.  The "Sort by Magic" option in Google Reader.  It made me laugh, so of course I selected it.  And the first blog post that it returned was a strawberry recipe posting.  I LOVE is Magical!!!

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