Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21st, 2012 - JJ

1. That I've been able to write my 5 things every day this week! I've been a pretty big slacker about it lately, so I'm thankful that I've had the time and to do it, and that I've had so much to be thankful for.
2. That I have many friends that I can call who will tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. It's nice to know that there are people in my life who will call me on it if I'm out of line, or who will tell me that I'm making a mistake when I am.
3. Derick and I are getting married in exactly one month! We got our marriage license last night after answering a lot of random questions about our families at the Daley Center downtown. I'm also thankful that we didn't find out that either of us was secretly married in the past or that we were secretly related but didn't know it. That would've sucked!
4. That Jenna should be back in town today!  She's not in the office yet, but I'm hoping I'll get to catch up with her tomorrow and hear all about her cruise!
5. That Derick found me bandaids at the Merchandise Mart yesterday. I thought it was a good idea to dress up a little bit to go get our marriage license since it was a special occasion and something we'd only do once. So of course, when we were walking from our parking spot to the Daley Center I made it approximately two blocks before my shoes busted open blisters on the back of both heels (they weren't even high heeled shoes! But in the heat and humidity the flats rubbed way more than usual on my feet!). Definitely not fun, but I guess that's why they say beauty is pain!

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