Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st - Heather

1.  I start my first graduate course tomorrow morning.  I'm excited and very thankful for the opportunity to whip my brain back in to shape....some part of me should be in shape!!!  :)

2.  Employee tuition benefits!  I'm very fortunate to have all of my tuition covered as an employee at a university.

3.  That one of the two classes I was signed up for was canceled.  To be completely honest, I was a little unnerved at the idea of taking two graduate classes in the same condensed summer term.  Now I can decide if I want to take it later this summer or wait until next summer.

4.   Cleaning at a leisurely pace.  My back is still killing me, and I didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped...but enough to feel confident about having a space that I can think clearly in to study.

5.  Coming across some of the must wonderful things I have received in the process of organizing my papers.  What kinds of things you ask?  Well in and among the not-so-fun bills and  bank statements (how long is one supposed to keep those things anyway???) I found the following things that all make me smile with sheer delight: a beautiful love poem written for me by an ex-boyfriend; pictures that are lifetimes old (some figuratively and some literally); thank you cards from some of the Archer Alums that were in DC while I was working there; every honor roll and award certificate as well as every report card k-12 filed away meticulously by my mom (and me as I got older) in an organizer....these are some of my most treasured things...not because they hold any intrinsic value - and they will surely be some of the first things to burn  in the event of a fire - but because of the emotional value, the memories they hold.  It's a fine line between keepsakes and being a hoarder, I's not hoarding if it's organized, right??????

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