Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13th - Heather

1.  I ended up staying home from work yesterday.  While at home I realized a huge gap in my food planning....I plan and take breakfast and lunch to work with me...but my body is hungry more often.  Being at home yesterday I nibbled frequently (partially to stay awake while reading...partially because I was hungry).  So when I was packing my lunch today, I packed more little food.  We'll see if it keeps me from trekking down to ABP and noshing on some intoxicatingly toxic pastry!!!

2.  My George Foreman Grill!  While I was living in DC my mom bought me the G5.  I used it most for waffles when I was living in DC....but we put these mushroom gouda burgers on there last night and it was tasty.  Warning...don't clean grill plates after dinner...even if you can touch the grill surface, the underside is still boil-your-skin hot!!!

3.  It's my turn to bask in the graciousness of a friend willing to divulge a password in order to enable an addiction.  Don't's legal... :)

4.  A free iced extra large caramel-macadamia nut latte.  My boss always has multiple punch cards with just a couple punches...she gathers them up and gives them to me once there's ten punches between all the cards and then I get a free coffee!  Coffee is such a wonderful thing...but like my friend Ken says, it tastes better when it's free!

In the time between writing #4 and #5 I popped out to Facebook...this is the cause of the sudden shift in mood...if you can tell that from just reading this.

5.  For knowing Darrell Seeger.  He was one of my co-workers in Seattle at Starbucks and I just found out that he passed away suddenly.  I'm accustomed to leaving friends behind every time I move.  But connecting with them on facebook makes the friendship feel so even though I hadn't talked to Darrell since we were both in Seattle, it took my breath away to hear that he passed.  He was an amazing guy and will be missed and wept for by many.

6.  Thankful that this isn't written in would be awash in tears.

7.  Thankful for my great-aunt's 90th birthday today!  In the sadness of my friend's death, her strong life brings me joy.  I only wish I could be in Seattle to celebrate with her and family.  Happy Birthday Auntie Erma!!!!

8.  The box of tissues I keep on my desk....just for days like this...days when my heart is heavy and eyes won't stop leaking.

9.  Thankful for the heartbreaking reminder that life is fragile and that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

10.  I'm so thankful that everyone of you reading this are part of my life.  Whether it's been ten years or ten days, no matter how far away from me you are geographically, you are right here in my heart!

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