Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th - Heather

1.  Actually finishing all of my reading for this weeks assignments!!!!  So tomorrow night I can just focus on writing!!!

2.  Getting to share some of my favorite things about Seattle with strangers.  After dinner I went to Barnes & Nobles to pick up the current issue of The Atlantic, because the cover story about work-life balance looks interesting.  I sat down at a long table to start studying at the same time as an older couple sat down as well...they were looking at travel guides on Seattle.  I asked them when they were going and mentioned that I'm from there and we chatted for quite some time.  At one point there was another customer who overheard us that was also going to Seattle!  How ironic?!?!

3.  Post it notes!!!!  I have post it notes of all sizes and colors and have found that they make a great space for taking notes on the text as I'm reading it when there isn't enough room in the margins.

4.  Lunch with Josie today!  We had sushi, which is always wonderful, and chatted on and on about life, grad school and a little about work!  :)

5.  "Kitten in a Box"...he's just so cute!!!  Followed my "Paws on My Heart"

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