Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th, 2012 - JJ

1. Movie days! Derick and I went to 3 movies yesterday and even though they weren't all amazing, we still had a great time. Prometheus is definitely worth seeing, though! We loved it!!
2. The amazing skillet dinner I made over the weekend. It had swiss chard, leeks, potato, egg, spanish smoked paprika, and gruyere cheese and then I added a little bit of sausage and turkey bacon to the recipe.  It was so delicious! I'll probably scan it and send it to all of you!
3. Air conditioning. We have one window unit in our bedroom and another in the kitchen and I honestly don't know how we would survive a Chicago summer without them!  This weekend was pretty much brutally hot. SO thankful for the AC!
4. That True Blood started up again last night, and that I can watch it on the HBO to go application on my iPad tonight! Can't wait!!! Thankful for my parents who have HBO and are graciously allowing me to sign in to their account. :) I have a pretty wonderful family!
5. Tammy, who has apparently made the world's best apricot jam and is graciously going to give me some. :) I can't wait! Apricot jam is one of my favorite things and pretty much everything Tammy cans is the best ever.

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