Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th, 2012 - JJ

1. For Derick, who was such a great shopping partner this weekend. We hit the outlets on Saturday to pick up some things we'll need for our honeymoon. I hate shopping, so having Derick there was great! And he's surprisingly good at picking out awesome dresses. I ended up buying 4 (and spending less than $90 total so I'm thankful for the deals too!), 3 of which I never would have picked out for myself, but they all look awesome. I'm so excited! Two are work appropriate, too, which is great.
2. The amazing new camera I bought myself as a treat yesterday. Also thankful for the bonus I got at work that made it possible to buy a new camera. I've been eyeing it for a while and I'm excited to learn all the fancy things it can do! I had so much fun playing with it yesterday, taking pictures of Derick and the cats on various settings, with and without auto focus on. So fun!!
3. The AC we have in the living room. It cools the room down SO quickly which is especially nice when it's going to be upwards of 95 all week with a bunch of humidity. It's also really nice to have AC in the living room because now I can get up in the morning to work out or do yoga without dying of heat. No more excuses!
4. The red belt Jenna found for me. I'm wearing it today with black slacks, a white top, grey cardigan, and red earrings and I love it! There's something about wearing red that makes me feel extra confident.
5. For my dad. We've had our ups and downs over the last few years, but I'm glad we've fixed the things that got broken when I moved away, and that I can call him anytime for anything.
6. For the friend of mine who hooked us up with tickets to see Aziz Ansari during Comedy Week in Chicago this weekend. It was a great show and vastly improved my mood Friday night! I really should watch more comedy. It's good for the soul!
7. That this weekend I was able to clean up our bedroom, finally put our suitcases from Seattle away, and pack away all our winter clothes for the summer. All of these things were long past due. It was so nice to go to bed last night in a clean room. Now I just need to tackle organizing our desk and the several months worth of backlogged filing I have sitting on it and then I'll really feel good about the state of our bedroom.
8. That Kate is coming back to work this week. She's been out for a week and a half, and while it was an easy week, it's always more fun to work with my partner.
9. That I was able to buy a size smaller in some of the clothing I bought over the weekend. Not in all of it, but in some of it. Pretty exciting! :) And it motivated me to get up early this morning to workout, so here's to hoping that continues!
10. For delicious food! We've been cooking a lot lately and haven't really had an epic mess up yet. I'm looking forward to grilled chicken with a spicy mustard sauce and grilled salmon with a spicy peach salsa this week! And of course we'll be making the mushroom recipe we got from my dad again. Delicious!

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