Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th, 2012 - JJ

Quite a few things today to make up for the week and a half long vacation I took:
1. That I made it home safe and sound from Seattle so quickly. It was a little rough at times since we didn't sleep much, but it was nice to have Friday to relax at home.
2. That I am going to marry a man who's response to me ordering a bloomin onion, hot wings, the surf and turf special, a glass of wine, a side cesar salad, and key lime pie at Outback the other day was, "You're so sexy."  It was an INSANE amount of food but I was starving and we did take left overs home.The Heifer club and Mrs. Kircher would've been proud. :) I'm very thankful that Derick appreciates that I eat a lot. I love food too much to love a man who couldn't find that attractive (or at least not repulsive).
3. Emily & Jake for taking care of our kitties when we were gone. I'm further thankful that the kitties didn't destroy too much in that time period, even if they did shed EVERYWHERE.
4. Nika, for treating us to such a delicious meal while we were in Seattle, and for being Nika. She makes me smile and her little boy is the cutest thing!  Such a happy baby! I'm so thankful that I had time to meet him this trip.
5. My parents, for having us stay with them and for cooking such delicious food! Especially thankful that my dad found a mushroom recipe that Derick is in love with. We all know how happy it makes me to find more veggie recipes that Derick likes. :)
6. My books. All of my books and worldy possessions are now at our house in Chicago. I love having "my things about me" (Quiet Man reference), and I especially love having my books in the bookcases in our dining room.  I can't wait to re-read (or in some cases read for the first time) the books I kept from college.
7. The Pacifica.  I ended up taking the blue car home to Chicago instead of my dad's little red car. I'm thankful for this for many reasons. 1: if someone hits me in it, I will feel much less bad than if someone wrecked my dad's red car which is his baby.  2: The Pacifica has a sunroof!!!  3: It fit all my stuff from home so I was able to be thankful for my books, above. 4: It's just comfy and big and I feel safe in it. 5: It's not a stick. I love driving a manual transmission car usually, but since my office is located right off of the nation's #1 worst highway merging area it's nice to have an automatic.  I expect that my left calf will decrease in size rapidly! :) 
Further it's nice to be driving a car that doesn't think the door is ajar when it isn't, has a working sunroof, has a working "door catching" mechanism so that when I open the door I don't have to worry about it flying away from me and denting the car I parked next to, has a fully functional stereo that doesn't come in and out when going over bumps, has SO MANY BUTTONS!, has a key clicker for the key ring, doesn't leak in the rain, wont' be stressful to drive in the snow, drives the same with the AC on as with the AC off, etc., etc., etc.
8. That when seeing the highlight about sharks on yahoo's homepage my first thought was "oh man, Raymi will love this!" rather than "omg make it go away!!!"
9. That my brother called me last night for girl advice. It's nice to be a good big sister every now and then.
10. Megan Noon, who is so much fun to be around, and who always makes my hair beauiful!!  :)
11. That I got some time to spend 1:1 with James while I was in town. I miss our coffee dates and random "make fun of everything" conversations.
12. That Derick and I got to spend some time with Jess, even though the trail we planned on hiking was closed. We got beer instead and had a great time!
13. Lemon curd. It's so yummy and so easy to make from scratch!  It also pairs nicely with the lavender scones Derick and I made over the weekend.
14. That summer is finally here! I'm so excited to have beach days and to put away all my warm winter clothing.
15. That we had great weather while in Seattle. It was sunny most of the time and was pretty warm most days too.  That rarely happens over memorial day.

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