Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24th - Heather

1.  Amazing dinner (as it always is) at Taste of India!

2.  The most amazing shot I snapped this afternoon.  I was trying to take a picture of the surface of my tea...this is what I got instead:

3.  Not having to worry about freezing anyone else out during the work day because everyone else that works in the same house I do are upstairs (and on their own thermostat)!!!!

4.  Mango was the drink I ordered at the Indian restaurant.  I ordered it because I always have something sweet to rescue me in case the food is too spicy (which it wasn't at all tonight, in fact it could have been much spicier).  It was cool and sweet and mango flavored...yummy!

5.  The latest piece of kitty accoutrement arrived super fast from amazon....we now have a kitty stroller so that we can take our cats on walks....we may have some of the most pampered cats on the face of the earth....of course, pictures to come the first time we use it!!!  :)

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  1. ah, this is when you got it. I should've started at the oldest post and moved up toward the newest instead of going backward.....haha!