Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21st - Heather

1.  Body wash that smells like the spray sunscreen I used the summer I got my first tan.....ok....that may not sound super memorable...but for anyone who's seen my sunburns it was incredibly momentous that I tanned instead of burning.

2.  That it's cooled off enough that the cats want to cuddle...well, at least Edward...Jake's got a little too much angst for cuddling.

3.  A morning at the zoo with my camera.

Bongo...interesting coloring!

Poopless Elephants...I swear...first elephants I've ever seen that haven't smelled like poop!

Pondering life by the water...onlookers?  What onlookers???

4.  The kids finally moved so I could snap some kitty shots:

5.  The amazing shot of the peacock!

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