Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21st, 2012 - JJ

1. The awesome drink dispenser that Tammy bought for us!!  It's going to make serving Mai Tais so much more fun. :)  I think I'll have to make a batch as soon as we get home from Seattle. :)
2. My shoes arrived today!
3. Kate, for donating a window AC to the cause of keeping Derick and I happy at home when it's hot out. It even has a remote! I love it!
4. Fawna, for finding my True Blood books and returning them to me. I can now put them on my book case and make them look pretty all in order (except for book 3 which was lost so long ago).
5. Free parking when I was meeting Fawna, which led to the purchase of a new phone since my old one no longer went on silent when I was in meetings, but also would randomly refuse to ring when a call was coming through.  I love my shiny new phone and it's functioning volume control options. :) I also love Siri, and the new "love birds" phone cover I got for it. Too fun!
6. This blog: for giving me a recipe for eggplant that Derick actually enjoyed.  We have to tweak it a little for next time (half ricotta, half mozarella....would like it to be gooey with cheesey deliciousness! also, skin the eggplant, use WAY less lemon, fewer bread crumbs, and add some salt, and  finally add a little heat to the sauce.....ok, maybe we're tweaking it a lot...), but I'm glad that he wants to try it again. Progress!! Also thankful for the blog for inspriring me to find a way to make ganache with glitter in it, like in the picture! I have so many experiments to run over the next few weeks! Many thanks to Heather for bringing this blog to my attention!
7. Tammy's pickled beets. Yeah yeah, you've heard me sing their praises before and you're sick of it, but I can't help myself! They're so delicious and I'm thankful for them all the time!!!
8. Will power.  I've been trying to seriously cut back on my sugar and carb consumption, and have surprisingly not had too difficult of a time. It's amazing what a little will power can do! 
9. Seattle in 3 days!!!!! I wish today was Wednesday already!
10. My friends who are so loving and understanding and are not giving me a hard time like I thought they would. Cryptic, but I'll illuminate for you all soon, I promise. 

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