Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2nd, 2012 - JJ

1. Sarpino's pizza.  They have this awesome special for two medium sized pizzas, any way you want them, for $20, which is pretty great since one medium is $16. Such a great deal!  Also, their wings are amazing!
2. Hot sauce.  Making everything more delicious since I finally started liking spicy food.  I brought the whole giant bottle of Franks with me to work today so I could put it on my pizza for lunch.
3. The new Sookie book. I didn't read as much of it as I was hoping to yesterday, but it's good so far. I hope Sookie gets some of her old self back though. She's turning into a character I don't much like lately.
4. That Derick won movie screening tickets for tonight. Not sure what movie it is, or what it's about, but I do enjoy going to see advanced screenings of movies for free!  I'm also hoping Laurel and Jackie will be there since I haven't seen either of them this year.
5. That I'll be in Seattle in a matter of weeks! Can't wait!

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