Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22nd - Heather

1.  Dinner in Chicago!  Last summer my mom and I opened up our home to four Vietnamese high school students for a home stay weekend while they were at Carroll for a summer camp.  One of these four is currently visiting the States for his sister's college graduation.  We met them in Chicago for dinner tonight!  We're very excited to have had the chance to visit and meet more of Thinh's family!  Pictures to come tomorrow!

2.  I'm very thankful that I have more brains than the fly that spent all day flying into my windows in a futile attempt to get to the world beyond said windows.  I'm not sure where the fly came from....and it's not even like I can crack one of my windows and help him out of it....my windows don't open...I know....historic building and all...

3.  Finding a train solution that prevented me from pulling all of my hair out driving into downtown Chicago at rush hour....this way, I drove the part of the way that is the least likely to have standstill traffic and got to ride, completely at ease, into Chicago....without having to worry about where to park and how much it would cost!  I love big cities with well planned rail commuter systems!!!!!

4. Gabbing across lines of language and culture!  It was fantastic to sit and chat with the Vietnamese women in Thinh's life even though we'd never met and even though our primary languages differ.

5.  The yummy macarons we found at the little French bakery inside the train station in downtown Chicago!  Such an amazing variety of flavors!!!!

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