Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4th - Heather

1.  It's Friday!  There were a couple times earlier in the week, I wasn't sure I was going to make it in one piece through the week....but I did! :)

2.  Tomorrow will be filled with kitties, mexican food and frozen maragritas!!!  Oh yeah, and the wonderful JJ & Derick too!  ;)

3.  Kitten kisses in the middle of the night.  Edward is so a near pitch black room...he walks up to my face and then waits to see my eyelids flutter signaling some level of awakeness on my part...then basically headbutts me.  Purring like a boat motor the whole time.

4.  Making peace with the frizz this morning.  It's humid.  It's chilly.  My hair looks like I rubbed the cat on my head to create static more than it looks like I sprayed it down with "curl revitalizers" but whatever...I still had fairly good curl I went with it.

5. One of the summer courses I was signed up for was cancelled..but it's offered during another summer session using the same book...which is really good because I already bought the book!

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