Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2nd - Heather

1.  The toothbrush and toothpaste I keep stashed in my's a regular old toothbrush and not as cool as the one I have at home.  But I was especially thankful for it living in my desk after today's lunch meeting at our favorite little mexican restaurant.

2.  Having a job that involves (expects even) a majority of sitting during the workday....there are definitely days where I miss being more active during the workday, but today I'm glad to not have to be up and bouncing about...I wouldn't have made it through the day...maybe not even the morning!

3.  Deadlocked, the newest Sookie Stackhouse book....made that much more enjoyable and difficult to put down on my spiffy Kindle....I was up into the wee hours reading....oh how I love these books!!!  It was just a wonderful added bonus to not have to wait for it to be shipped or have to make a special trip to a store wherein I would have bought many other things and essentially paid WAY more for the book!

4.  The appreciation dinner we are having for our student workers tonight.  This time last year we were a merry band of 7 dining and laughing....tonight we will be double that.  It's been such a busy year that I feel as though I haven't spent nearly enough time chatting with our students.  They work so hard all year and it will be nice to sit down, relax, eat and enjoy the evening!

5.  Falling asleep AND waking up to the sound of the rain!  There is no better sound and to be lulled to sleep and gently woken by a sound I love so much was a special treat.

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