Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14th - Heather

1.  Lighter than air scarves.  I love the feeling of being wrapped up in a scarf...but as the weather climbs higher into the 70's it's less necessary and...well...unbearable to be that warm.  But I've found a couple of scarves from Lane Bryant that are very large and very light weight.  It's just a huge, soft piece of feather light fabric that I can wrap around my shoulders and tie in a nifty little knot.  C'est manifique!

2.  Uneventful they should be.  It's nice to start the week gently...before you hate me too's only this calm because graduation was yesterday and the Monday after graduation on a college campus is not dissimilar to working in a ghost town. 

3.  Google for putting websites like this at my fingertips when said fingertips desire the craziest pieces of information: Private Islands Online.  After a couple days of conversations amongst my immediate family regarding the (dream) purchasing of a houseboat and whether or not our combined library of books would sink aforementioned houseboat...I googled "buying an island" to see just how expensive it was to do such a thing.

4.   My office plant is not dead!!!!  This is an amazing feet for me!  The last "plant" I wanted to be responsible for was in El Paso....two cacti...which I killed!  I assumed they only needed to be watered when it rained.  This was very logical to me.  I was in middle school.  So now I have a Kalanchoe on my desk and a green (hard to kill) plant on top of the cabinet in the corner of my office.  I was too afraid to pot them myself, so I asked my mom to pot them (in pink pots, as if you had to ask).  When I first brought them to my office I didn't think the Kalanchoe was going to make it....I had to cut off some leaves that had dried up and turned brown (this may or may not be known as pruning to someone more adept at gardening than myself).  But it's started to bud again!  And the flowerbuds even look like they may bloom soon.  Today I cut back some more of the bigger leaves, not because they were dying but because I was afraid that the buds weren't getting enough sunlight.  We'll see how it goes!  Pictures to come!!!

5.  Working in a renovated historic house, instead of an office building, in which I feel no compunction to keep shoes on my feet all day long....whether my feet are under my desk or not.  It feels perfectly acceptable to make the 3 step journey to the copy room or 6 step journey to the powder room in bare feet.

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