Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29th - Heather

1.  A very productive day!  Moved furniture, began washing an embarrassingly ridiculous amount of laundry...yep, I'm sore...advil in the morning so I can achieve more tomorrow!

2.  This new cleaner that mom got talked into at the Chocolate Fest...I know, random place to buy household cleaning products.  It cleaned up the mess that one of our kittens' paws made overnight...I think he broke open a scab on his paw trying to kill a fly.

3.  Getting to chat with my dad and one of my friends in Vietnam on Facebook....it really has revolutionized the way we communicate!!!!

4.  New sheets....i'm just about ready to crawl into bed....we'll see if I wake up purple! :)

5.  Four more vacation days! :)  Gotta love it!!!

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