Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9th - Heather

1.  My sapphires!  I'm wearing blue today so I pulled on my two favorite sapphire just makes me smile to see their facets sparkle.

2.  Handwritten a Pen Pal Project!!!  A daisy chain of blogs led me to Glitter & Ganache this morning where, after reading the intended post, I saw a link to the pen pal project.  Intrigued I unknowingly clicked away and found myself giddy with anticipation.  I love to write letters!  I'm still very close to a friend I would have lost over a decade ago if we hadn't written letters back and forth (this was before the current commonality of cell phones and cheap long distance).  And I cherish those letters still.  But the aforementioned commonality of cell phones and digital communication has rendered letter writing a less than common act.  I'm excited to break out my stash of stationary as part of this project....and a few other letters to a friend that is long overdue!  (Yes, that's you Miss Julie!!! )

3.  My water bottle...flooding my bladder without killing the environment day after day! 

4.  Images of Hilary Clinton without gobs of makeup and Hollywood hair.  Politics aside, it's refreshing to see images of a powerful woman not succumbing to the pressure that some of us women feel to wear tons of makeup and have perfectly coiffed hair.

5.  Days like today make me thankful for my unruly curls.  When it rains it's funny to me to see women running for shelter because the rain will ruin the time spent flat ironing or otherwise primping their locks.  The rain most definitely won't do anything but make my curls curlier!  So I can saunter through the rain without fear!  I love that feeling most of all...the feeling of the rain on falling on my skin!

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