Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17th - Heather

1.  The combination of wine and poetry.  I was on my own for dinner tonight, so I geeked out over dinner with the current issue of The Paris Review, a glass of rhubarb wine and a bbq chicken salad.  Simply divine!

2.  Car-eokee!  You know...when you are in the car and have the windows rolled up and the radio turned way up and you're belting out the notes with the radio....I'm not the only that does that right?!

3.  In belting out tunes on the drive home....this song came on and it seems like a perfect anthem for those of us hitting that three-decade milestone this year.  What do you think?  Good idea or crazy wine-fueled lunacy?

4.  Discovering a new potential-favorite periodical at Barnes & Nobles - always a dangerous place for me - called Monocle.  It's a British publication that's been around since 2006, but I just saw it today because it was sitting next to Foreign Affairs on the shelf...enticing me with a travel guide to Thailand rubber-banded inside.  At first flip it seems pretty eclectic...I'll report back after I've read through most of it.

5.  Youtube...I hadn't thought about this song from Blue Scholars in quite some time...but looked for it after I pulled up We Are Young on Youtube.  A few years back I used to log on to MySpace just to pull up my friends profile because he had this song playing....hadn't thought about that in awhile either.  :)

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