Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 12th - Heather

1.  My camera!  Finally got a digital camera and, as it turns out, it's awesome!  And getting it set up to upload the pics turned out to be super simple!  Prepare to be inundated with fun pictorial evidence of my life and insanity!!!!

2.  Day trips!  Mom and I went to the Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford, Illinois to celebrate Mother's Day.  Here are some of my pics:

 There were many great Japanese statues like this around the grounds.

 This is a stone bridge that you can walk on to cross in front of one of the larger waterfalls at the gardens.  I loved the way the stones were set.

You know me...I had to find something pink to take a picture of! :)

3.  The amazing restaurant that's just a couple miles from the gardens and was recommended by the gardens' staff: The Swedish Inn in Rockford, Il.  It was really tasty.  Had Swedish breakfast at 3 o'clock in the afternoon!  Brownie points already...just for serving breakfast all day.  Even more brownie points for the food itself!  We shared pigs in a (Swedish) blanket made infinitely more yummy with Lingonberry jam and a chicken fajita omlette.

4. Our kittens...and great pictures of their infinite cuteness!

Oh, why yes, I am ready for my close-up!

 Yep, that's my brother cleaning my belly...he likes doing it, I swear...I'm not lazy!

I'm Edward (on the left) and that's my brother Jake to the right.

5.  Perfect weather for walking around outside at the gardens.  It was kind of cloudy and not too hot.  We saw none of the rain and thunderstorms that were expected today, but it wasn't super sunny and unbearably humid either.  It truly was perfect!

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