Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6th - Heather

1.  The Hombre burger at Revolution!  It was soo tasty!

2.  The random bookstore we wandered into after Revolution: Bucket O' Blood Books and Records, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Vinyl, Awesome...and yes all of that is on the sign that hangs outside the door.  We wandered in because you know I can't resist a bookstore.  And with all of the vampire and fantasy books I've been reading as of late it seemed like a suitable detour on the way to the next stop.  And it was!  Great little find! 

3.  The "next stop," which was a great little mexican bakery...even though she thought I was crazy when I asked for Mexican Wedding cookies. (I even asked using the Spanish word that I remember using in El Paso.) 

4.  That Derick is STILL convinced that he can find a beer that I'll's been over a year and I'm so impressed that he hasn't given up on me!  I tasted like 6 different beers success....the search continues!!!!

5.  Playing Apples to Apples.  It so made me miss the monday game night tradition we used to have with our little group in DC.  I miss those nights often, last night was just the most recent that I've been reminded of how much fun we had!!!!

6.  Uncle Julio's!  Some of the BEST Mexican food we've had since we left El Paso!!!!  Not nearly as good as EP...but a much shorter drive!

7.  Trying a new driving route to Chicago.  It's kind of a back roads state highway route.  It's benefits: no tolls!, and tons of new little shopping opportunities.  Disadvantages:  more shopping means more stopping which means no time savings.  But a less stressful route for my mom which is what really matters!

8.  Finding a random little bakery that had an amazing lemon lavender Parisian macaron....among many other lovely little treats!

9.  All of the exclamation points in this post!!!! :) Mom and I really had a fabulous weekend, as always, in Chicago with JJ and Derick!!!

10. The random guy in an old white cavalier who waved us down while we were both driving down the highway to introduce his puppy Buddy!  Our little kitten, Edward, was curled up like a baby in my arm (while I was driving) facing out the drivers side window.  And he was flexing his paw so when I looked down at him it looked like he was waving out the window.  When I looked to my left there was a guy with a huge friendly smile waving at Edward (and me).  We were at a red light a little ways down the road and I rolled the window down and we introduced our pets.  It was really hysterical!!!!

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