Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13th - Heather

My appreciation for my mother is the unspoken part of many of the things I'm thankful for everyday!  Today is the day we honor our moms...I try very hard to honor her on more than one occasion a year....but since it is Mother's Day it only seems fair to share with all of you reading how much I appreciate my mother!  She has taught me so many things, but most importantly she taught me how to love and to give and how to chose my battles....I was born a stubborn fighter...  and she taught me to fearlessly try everything and explore everywhere!

1.  Big Screen Bistros!  Woke up this morning realizing that I didn't have anything planned for brunch (the original plan had been to go to the Japanese Gardens today but after looking at the weather we decided to do that yesterday).  I knew that going out to eat would be nearly impossible without a reservation.....then I thought to look and see if Dark Shadows was in the dinner theatre and it was!  So I bought tickets online for the first showing of the day!  Perfect start for mom to an unplanned day!  :)

2.  Cold Stone Creamery.  I hadn't been in forever....seriously...I can't remember the last time I was there.  But after the movie ice cream sounded really good and mom suggested we go many new additions to their menu since I was there last.  Some very yummy addictions...I mean additions!

3.  Half Price Books.  The pharmacy we use is just a few doors down from HPB and it's all too easy to wander through the bookstore while waiting for a prescription to be filled!  Brought home four books that I have absolutely no clue when I'll have time to read.....but they'll be waiting.  [Can we say 5th bookcase coming soon???? No really...I've considered sorting out clothes for donation out of my closet JUST so that I can move my shelving unit out of my closet and fill it with books!!!  That's serious up clothes for books!]

4.  Upcoming vacation...everytime I look around the apartment I'm increasingly more thankful that I have a good chunk of vacation time coming so that I can clean and organize some things before the lunacy of grad school work begins this June!

5.   The serenity of working on a college campus in the summer when the majority of students and staff are on vacation and the pace of work becomes less frenetic.  It's still busy and there are still plenty of things to keep this salaried girl's just an opportunity to get all of the those things done at a peaceful pace!

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