Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5th - Heather

1. Thankful that I didn't completely lose my paper, like I thought I did for a minute there.

2. Having watched all three Lord of the Rings movies over the weekend. JJ and Derick should be very impressed. I now of course have to read the books so I fully understand what I just spent the last ten hours watching...but, I watched the movies!

3. Yarn at the state fair! I know, it's kind if a random place to go looking for yarn. But there is a lady in the local products pavilion that sells alpaca yarn. I got some the first year I went to the fair and I made it a point to find her and get some more this year.

4. Fair food! Not one thing that was over the moon good, but it was a very diverse spread and that always makes me happy.

5. Bedtime! I'm exhausted!!!


  1. The books are so much better!!!!

    1. Good.....I was hoping that as I was watching...because some parts were a bit hard to follow without having the knowledge of the books.