Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9th - Heather

1. This recipe! It totally made my mouth water reading it. Gee, if only I knew someone who had a deep fryer.......

2. Deep fried smores!

3. Deciding to go to the state fair in the few people....I could actually see the pavement!

4. Not needing an umbrella in the rain...or a garbage bag, I mean rain poncho. It's the Seattle in me I guess. I'm not afraid of a few drops of water.

5. McDonald's tasting bad this morning....ok, this is kind of would think I would want my breakfast to taste good. But, if it tastes bad, it's less appealing and if it's less appealing, I'll make an effort to get something more appealing...and healthier!!!!


  1. next time you're in Chicago avocado fries are happening!!!!! So you better get your butt down here asap! :)

    1. Hahaha....doesn't that sound amazing!!!! Then we can discuss Downton Abby over avacado fries! Yes, please!!!