Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th, 2012 - JJ

1. Coffee, for getting me through the long drives to and from Michigan this weekend.
2. My mom for coming to visit and spend some quality time with just me. Gotta have mom time every now and then!! Wish it could've been a longer weekend.
3. Cooler weather. It hasn't been in the 90's for a while now, and I am so glad!
4. My Uncle Joe, who is hilarious! You can't help but smile when he's in the room.
5. Coming in to the office today to an expense reimbursement check on my chair. Horray!!
6. Getting to watch my mom and Aunt Cheryl at the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday. They were like kids in a candy store when they were scoping out all the old cars. It was great!
7. That I don't have to cat/house sit this week. I was glad I was able to do it last week because I love the family I was helping out, but it will be great to be able to go straight home this week after work and relax in my own space.
8. My kitties. They're so cute, and they make me laugh a lot. I can't imagine a life without cats!
9. The delicious dinner Derick made for my mom and I last night. It was so good! Can't wait to get to the left overs.
10. The ability to work from home in my job, which I am about to take advantage of.

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