Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15th - Heather

1. Actually looking forward to going to the gym. I did a decent work out and I truly felt better walking out of the gym tonight.

2. Lunch with MB at our favorite little Mexican place around the corner from campus. And they were busy today!

3. A quick and healthy dinner...quinoa, a can of chicken, a jar of eggplant tapenade mixed together and some steamed veggies!

4. Jake, my stoic uncuddly kitty, purred like crazy tonight. I'm so excited to take him to Portland in a couple of weeks.

5. I finally got my new mic hooked up to my computer at work. After a couple of weeks of borrowing my boss's, I bought my own for my weekly web conferences for class. It was under $10 and much easier than carting my laptop or having to borrow someone else's. But when I first plugged it in, I couldn't get the computer or the web conference platform to recognize it. But some fast work on the part of yours truly and the assistance of the help desk on campus, it was up and running before lunch!

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