Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23rd - Heather

1.  I just turned in my last assignment for class.  I'm homework free for two whole weeks!!!

2.  JJ for keeping me accountable for my blogging.  The first thing she said to me this morning was to remind me that I was behind on my 5 Things.

3.  Random morning text messages from an old friend.  They say nothing more than hello, but they always make me smile!

4.  Any time that Edward crawls up into my lap, lays down and starts purring....when I don't have food in my hand.  Purring doesn't count when he's begging for the food on my fork!

5.  The guest speaker for the retreat that I'm driving to the airport this coming week is not allergic to cats!  As I've mentioned before, I'm taking Jacob with me to Portland next week and my flight leaves an hour before our guest speaker, so I was concerned that if he was allergic to cats, I'd have to leave Jacob here.

6.  Listening to music in iTunes on my computer....I forget that I don't have all of my music on my iPod and it's so easy to listen to that I haven't really listened to music on my computer since I got my iPod.  But the other night I opened iTunes and reveled in some of my favorite songs!

7.  The little piece of my new wallet (ok, it's a month old now, but have only carried it in Chicago) that broke was easily fixed this afternoon....this Amazing adhesive may really be amazing after all! :)

8.  Driving to Chicago to see JJ and Derick this weekend....and those deep fried avocado fries.

9.  That even though I wasn't feeling well yesterday and even though I couldn't muster the energy for a full work out, I made a full fledged effort!  Work out clothes on....treadmill time clocked.

10.  The new therapeutic heating wrap that I went to bed with on my back last night.  Sweet sigh of relief, that thing felt wonderful!  It was like having a cordless heating pad attached to my back.

11.  Mom finding the Banana Chocolate Swirl flavor of Talenti gelato at a grocery store we don't frequent.  Tammy was so's tasty!

12.  Getting to use my personal library for classwork.  Many of the books and papers off of my own selves have featured very heavily in my coursework for both of the classes I've taken so far.  It makes me happy to use some of the many books that are staring at me longingly from my bookcases.

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