Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th - Heather

1. Downton Abby. We devoured seasons one and two over the weekend...staying up until 5 am Saturday night.

2. "The motto of the wise is be prepared for surprises!". I titled my presentation for class this week Around the World in 80 Days so I went to YouTube to see if I could find a clip to include. I haven't found a clip for class, but I've found 14 of 16 episodes on YouTube and have gotten such a kick out of watching the first two.

3. The buffet at Taste of India. Maybe I'm odd for making this connection, but whenever the owner of a business I frequent is the victim of some misfortune, my first response is to spend money at their establishment. When the owners of Pat's Rib Place fell victim to a house fire, I went to their restaurant for dinner. After the shooting at the temple in Oak Creek, I wanted to go to Taste of India. I just feel that if some tragedy is happening in their lives, the least I can is provide patronage to their businesses.

4. The response of the owner at Taste of India! When we left after lunch, he gave my mom and I huge hugs and thanks...because of our patronage and because we took the time to ask if his family was alright after the shooting. It so easy to ask and yet it means so much to the person you're asking.

5. I booked my flight today. I'm going to be so ready to get on that plane!

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