Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4th - Heather

1. Today, I'm thankful for early new case for this lovely little addiction came, along with my textbooks for the fall.

2. My textbooks for the fall....a great reminder that I'm going to be increasing lost in a book until Christmas....really, more likely, until about 2020.

3. Red velvet pancakes. While they were good and evil all on their own, I looked at mom and said these would make amazing pancake balls in the ebelskiver pan! That is so going to have to happen sometime soon!

4. For having a washer and dryer in my apartment. So nice to be able to be at home while doing all ten million loads of laundry.

5. State fair tomorrow. Off to find mind boggling foods on a stick and who knows what other kinds of trouble!

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