Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th - Heather

1. That I keep bandaids in my desk. I gave myself a pretty bad papercut on a folder and was super thankful for the little packs of bandaids that I picked up during the Health Fair last year.

2. Sometimes the food you get for a catered event is boring and not so tasty...the catering menu that I crafted with our catering director for the retreat has been wonderful!

3. The opportunity to learn about cultural training. This year's facilitator has done a wonderful job of leading a great multi-day discussion focused on culture and how we learn and how we teach about culture.

4. That my mom was willing to help me get ready for my trip to Portland by doing my laundry while I worked until 10 o'clock last night. Now I get to head home and pack tonight.

5. Conversations that validate my desire to get my phd in Cultural Anthropology. Being in a room full of professors generally reinforces my choice of career paths...but this workshop in particular, discussing training for cultural experiences has been very powerful.


  1. that is great that you are interested in Cultural Anthropology! Anthropology was my undergrad and now I'm working on my MA in Sociology, which is a more quantitative approach to Anthropology. I love Anth, but I don't like the subjectivism that has dominated the field. We can appreciate culture, but it is also important to recognize when a tradition/practice is detrimental to a particular group of people. I could go on all day about this. So glad you are doing this!!!!!!

    1. Hi Anessa...Sorry it's taken me so long to resond...for whatever reason, I couldn't reply on my ipad. Have you heard of the book series Taking Sides? There's an edition for Cultural Anthropology and one of the issues discussed is whether or not anthropologists should work to eliminate the practice of female circumcision. Ethics debates are always very interesting.

      I was so wrapped up in poli sci during my undergrad that I didn't pay much attention to anth. I'm excited to move in that direction. Have you heard of intercultural communication as a field? If you haven't you should look into it, I can see how it might appeal to you! :)

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading! :)