Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7th - Heather

I was so cranky this morning...must have been because I didn't do my five things last night....must rectify the situation....

1.  That my love of food is multiregional.  Becuase I was lazy and didn't put my lunch together last night, I had to find sustenance this afternoon.  I had no idea what I wanted.  I thought about Qdoba.  I started chatting with a long lost friend (ok, so she's only been in Mexico for a week....but it felt like she was away from gchat FOREVER) and thought I would just order in.  Then I started thinking about all of the wonderful things I could have delivered to my office in DC on all of those days that I was in the office all by myself and hesitant to leave the front desk to go get food.  All of the sudden I had a tremendous craving for pad thai.  So pad thai it was.  And even though I had to go get it and even though it was only from Noodles & Co....it was still yummy and fed my craving.

2.  My chopstick skills!!!  Thanks to an old friend who taught me how to eat with chopsticks.  I just feel like it's something that's nice to know how to do.  I could have eaten my pad thai with a fork....but it's more fun with chopsticks.

3.  That I took the time to put make-up on this morning.  My boss came into my office unexpectedly with an HD video camera wanting to film me for a bootcamp assignment!  My first thought was Quelle horreur!...but I relented feeling I didn't really have much grounds for objection and knowing that the video wouldn't go far or be seen by many.  (Yes...I'm fine with my words and ideas being put out there far and wide....but nobody needs to see my face in HD!)

4.  Orange tea!  I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning...so I brewed some tea when I got to my office and I'm feeling normal again...well at least my throat feels normal....I'm not sure when the rest of me felt normal last...if ever. :)

5.  A night at home to finally finish my laundry!  Oh what joys I look forward to in the hours of the dwindling sun...laundry and reading for class and dishes if I'm feeling really ambitious!!!

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