Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8th - Heather

1. This video: YouTube. In reference to yesterday's #3, I may have been hesitant, but the finished product did make me laugh...and I suspect it will make you laugh too. And so much for it not being seen far and wide...I'm pretty sure half of campus will have seen it before morning. And I'm okay with that.

2. Pushing through and working out at the gym tonight. I really didn't want to, but did it anyway.

3. My group project went successfully! It was due last night and we had to discuss it during our class web conference today....I was a bit worried, but I think it came across well.

4. Getting to tell JJ about a book that she didn't know about! For mom's birthday, JJ and Derick gifted her with the first two seasons of Downtown Abby on DVD. We haven't started watching them yet, but when I was in Target tonight I saw a book about the real-life Downtown Abby. I predict this book will be a new part of JJ's library before nightfall tomorrow!

5. I've reached the halfway point in my second grad course. I can't wait for the two week respite from classes that awaits me in three weeks! Then it's on to two more classes in the fall!

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