Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16th, 2012 - JJ

1. My momma comes to see me today!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait until 6:45 when I pick her up from the airport!
2. Compliments. My co-workers are very nice and boosted my ego today and I love them for it!
3. Starbucks. Target's treat receipts. $2 venti salted caramel mochas. Etc.
4. I get new business cards with my new name on them! YAY!  Also Sandi said she'd take off the part that says BA (it's supposed to stand for Behavior Analyst, but mostly just looks like I'm bragging about having a bachelor's degree. I try to tell people it stands for bad ass but sometimes that's not appropriate to say in certain work environments. bah!) which I'm really thankful for. Very happy to have it simply say "Jacqueline (JJ) Hamilton, Behavior Analyst."
5. That I finally feel like the guest room is a cohesive room, not just a place where we throw all the junk we don't use regularly. We got rid of my old, huge, heavy, and obnoxious TV and TV stand and I rearranged the furniture to make a nice little crafting station on one wall. I'm loving that it doesn't feel cluttered anymore! Hopefully I'll actually start doing craft projects again and make good use of the space. The only two things we need to make it really complete are a wall full of pictures of people who have come to visit, and a queen sized comforter to adorn the wonderful new bed that Heather & Kathy gifted us with. :) Btw, it's an amazing bed and now that the room is amazing too you all should come visit me!!!!! I mean it, too! :)

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