Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30th, 2012 - JJ

1. Getting to have dinner last night with Casey & Katie. I love them! I'm also thankful that the weird guy who sat at our table didn't stay too long. I wanted to catch up with my friends, not meet new people. Further thankful for Blokes and Birds, which is delicious!
2. That the date day I planned for Derick on Saturday went well and that Derick liked all the places I picked to take him to. Old Town Pour House, Old Town Oil, the Spice Shop, Quenchers, & Longman & Eagle. YUM!
3. Clean laundry. Nuff said.
4. That Derick carries pretty much all heavy objects that need to go up or down the stairs. Cat litter, shelves, full laundry baskets, etc.
5. That all of the packages I sent out last week made it to their destinations (except one, but it requires a signature and no one's been home to sign for it). Also thankful for FedEx. If I'd sent these things via USPS, they would still be on their way, and I'd still be worried about whether or not they'd actually get there.
6. That people like the "Go the F to Sleep" book as much as Derick and I do.  So funny!!
7. A fake short week this week. Thursday and Friday I have a conference to go to, which is less work than being at work, and I'm actually excited to learn more about the topic.
8. The Starbucks date I have with Jenna later today.
9. That Allagash hasn't broken the skin by scratching or biting in about a week. I think he's learning to play nicer.
10. The new Sookie book comes out tomorrow!! Pretty much the only thing that could make me put the Game of Thrones books on hold. :)

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