Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26th, 2012 - JJ

1. Crackritas! Our pet name for the very strong and very delicious margaritas at Cesars.
2. Time spent with Emily & Jake. Always fun! Especially with crackritas!
3. Groupons, making crackritas cheap!
4. The delicious and fancy chocolate bar Derick put in my easter basket. I've been eating it slowly, one teeny square at a time, trying to make it last, but today I couldn't control myself and have eaten a whole row of squares. It's SO good!!
5. That Derick liked the "fake" jambalaya that Megan and I cooked for dinner earlier this week. It had all kinds of veggies in it and I thought for sure he'd hate it, but he loved it! It gives me so much joy to find new ways to get Derick to eat veggies.
6. Books! Amy and I are now reading two series together and I love it! It's so much fun to have daily chats to talk about our feelings on the chapters read the day before.
7. Cats who kill spiders. Allagash isn't really good at killing spiders yet (he just wants to play with them so they get away!), but Muffin is a PRO!
8. Plants! I have several plants at home now and have managed to keep all of them alive, thus far (although I just bought a lily and it's begun dying within two days of me bringing it home....crap!). I'm also thankful for our edible plants: basil & mint, thanks to Tammy.  Fresh basil is so much more delicious than the dried stuff.
9.  That I get to spend time with Mary today. I think she is just so wonderful and I love when we get to drive to meetings together. I'm almost sad that we'll be closing one of our two mutual clients out soon because it means I will be spending less time with her.
10. The heated seats in the company car. I am thankful for them often, but today especially since it was pretty cold outside this morning!

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