Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2nd - Heather

1.  A nice dinner at the dining table.  It's too easy to get comfortable sitting on the couch vegging out in front of the TV and fighting to keep the cats out of our dinner plates.  It was nice to enjoy a stuffed chicken breast, yummy salad and chocolate cherry wine at the table tonight.

2.  Friday was an awesome, if unexpected, day!  I had taken the day off thinking that my day would consist of wandering through a special floral exhibition at the Art Museum and trying a highly recommended fish fry....instead my  mom and I found all kinds of cool finds in some really unexpected places...

3.  One of which was the purchase of my first digital camera!  I know it's kind of hard to believe that I haven't purchased a digital camera before now...but I've had cameras, albeit not fantastic ones, on my cell phones and haven't really made the purchase of one a priority.  But I found a pretty great camera at a pretty great as soon as I get it connected to my computer get ready for some shutter happy pics!

4.  I found some really inexpensive....okay, really cheap! to get crafty with.  I'm not terribly crafty, but I have a couple practice projects that I'm hoping turn out to be super simple!

5.  That our kittens are so happy about being in the car!  Because we've traveled with them, even just around town to the pet stores, so much from such a young age, they are happy in car.  We drove out the a pet store called the End of the Leash this last weekend and packed up the cats and their litter box.  End of the Leash is only about 25 minutes away, but we spent enough time in the car for the cats to find "toys" to play with.

6.  That today was so productive.  I love when Monday's feel more productive than's even more important for Monday's to feel like this when they are the beginning of short weeks....hence...

7.  All of the vacation days I have coming up.  I have 7 days off around Easter...7days that I hope to fill with cleaning and reading.  Maybe I can catch up to JJ reading the Song of Ice and Fire series...haha!!!!!

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  1. haha, I hope you can catch up to me too!! I haven't had much time to read since last week. I'm only about 70 pages into book 3. Hurry, hurry!!! :)