Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29th - Heather

1.  A weekend of exploring destinations outside of my bubble!  It's too easy to create this bubble of  work-home-local grocery store...and never live outside of that bubble.  I can't do that!  There's always a reason to drive and live out side of the mundane!  Yesterday we packed up our kitties (and litter box) and started by driving out to where I'll be taking my first two masters classes this summer...ended up being much father away from main campus than I expected...but it made the venture an adventure!

2.  The amazing frozen custard place we stumbled across while driving around downtown Burlington!

3.  Brunch at the Pine Cone Cafe and the random trip through the outlet mall this morning.  It's scary to realize just how close to home that outlet mall is!!!!

4.  Reading books on the kindle...soo much easier than trying to hold a thousand pages for hours and hours!

5.  My wall of books!  It's not a full library...yet...but I have four almost floor to ceiling bookshelves along one wall with a small cluttered writing desk in the middle.  The sad part is that I don't think I've read half of the books on my wall....hmmm I feel a resolution taking shape.....

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