Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th - Heather

The air has its chill and the sun its warmth
Dew glistens on the blades of grass below
Tall leafy green trees stud the lawn
Yet I miss the fresh chill morning air
Alight with the fragrance of the trees
The Sound sparkling in the sun
Moss on the floor that sees no sunlight
For the rays are too busy dancing on treetops
Happy, fragrant trees waving and dancing
Encouraged by eyes of snow capped peaks

1. It's only appropriate that I'm thankful for trees on arbor day!  They play so fondly in my memories!  15 years ago I could have walked off a plane and onto a jetway blindfolded and still known I was at Seatac because the smell of the trees was instantly present.  Over the years that fragrance has been harder to find....when I moved back to Seattle in 2004 I had to get to my grandma house to smell it....then she had her evergreens felled because they were too old, too tall, and too likely to fall on the neighboring houses.  The last time I smelled that sweet fragrance was when my mom and I went for a drive around the penisula (yes, I admit it, Forks was the destination, but the scenery of the peninsula was reason enough too) while we were back home for a vacation in 2011.  It's been too long!

2.  The views of green leafy trees outside my office window.

3.  Coffee!  I know...and as some of you know,  I gave up coffee for tea.  In doing so I knew there would days like these ("there'll be days like this my mama said") when coffee would be a necessary indulgence!

4.  Seeing the Hunger Games last night...even though I was in tears within 10 minutes...ok, maybe 5...all I know is that I cried through the reaping.

5.   I'm very thankful that my mom turned the news on this morning and I heard the weather forecast....I was planning on wearing a dress until I heard the meteorologist say that we wouldn't make it out of the 40's today! :(  Seriously...couldn't we bump that up by, say, 10 degrees???

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