Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23rd, 2012 - JJ

1. That the every-other-Monday-morning-meeting between our office and the other office was cancelled today.
2. Coffee.
3. A great weekend spent in Waukesha with Heather & Kathy. We had an amazing brunch at Cafe Centraal, an amazing 7 course french meal prepared by Heather at home, and went shopping for craft stuff. Could it get much better than that? I don't think so!
4. Evita. I love that movie so much, and I'm also thankful that Derick and Heather picked it out for us to watch Friday night. Unfortunatley for Derick, he'll have to watch it again since he slept through so much of it. :)
5. Our house. I really love it, especially with the furniture moved around the way it is now. It's so cozy and nice! I know I've been thankful for this a lot recently, but it's worth repeating, especially considering the crazy pest issues we've had in the past (squirrels, and flies, and mice, oh my!).
6. All the sewing stuff Heather & Kathy got for me this weekend. I am ordering a book off of Amazon today about sewing basics, and I am really excited to get started!
7. That Allagash went back to being a little lovebug once we got him home from Heather & Kathy's. He was out numbered by their two kitties and it made him very very grouchy and unloving. I'm glad he's sweet again.
8. Spicy food, and my ever increasing tolerance for it. I'm so glad I'm no longer the spice wimp that I used to be!
9. Bejeweled Butterflies! The most recent addictive game addition to my iPad. It's a little ridiculous, but I just cannot stop playing this game!
10. That there's a new Southern Vampire Mysteries book coming out on May 1st!!  I definitely need a little more Eric Northman in my life, thank you!

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