Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17th - Heather

1.  That my mom loved her birthday gifts: a stylus for her iPad and cell phone and the little wifi adapter for our Blu-ray player...and the tequila button birthday card!  It was hysterical!

2.  That my friends JJ and Derick are coming up to visit this weekend...I'm contemplating my first attempt at a traditional French full course dinner while they are here!!!  It's very exciting.

3.  That the tree in front of my big office window is blooming.  They aren't flowering trees, so there aren't petals, but just watching the greenery of the leaves dancing in the breeze and sunshine is making me happy today.

4.  That I have big enough windows to not have to turn the overhead lights on in my office.  They are florescent lights and I'm pretty sure they trigger my migraines. 

5.  My electric tea kettle...making caffination possible any time of the day with just the push of a button...like now!  It's caffeine time!

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