Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16th, 2012 - JJ

1. Kathy, who is wonderful and amazing, and it's her birthday today! Kathy is one of the most generous, and kind hearted people that I know and I can't wait to see her this weekend to celebrate!!
2. That I got to my appointment early this morning and was able to read for about half an hour before it was time to go in. Now that Amy has caught up and is on book 3 of Game of Thrones I won't be holding myself back anymore. Can't wait to read tonight before bed, too!!
3. The spontaneous day Derick and I had yesterday. Went to see a movie, then ran around looking for an inexpensive (not cheap! Kathy taught me the difference!) reading chair for our dining room/library, had a few appetizers and beers at Gordon Biersch, got cookies at Mrs. Fields, and generally just had a fun time.
4. Cabin in The Woods!  Such a great scary/funny movie. Those of you who love Joss Wheadon (and shame on you if you don't) will love it! I highly recommend it. :)
5. Revolution, for being so delicious and fun all the time. The smokehouse pizza is killer. How did I not know this until now? It might be my new favorite!
6. Megan & Emily for coming out with me on Friday for my birthday and looking at weird art in Wickerpark. 
7. The new chair and patio furniture Derick and I bought at Ikea this weekend. Our house is feeling so nice and homey now. I wish I was there instead of being at work!
8. That Derick went and looked for Allagash in the pouring rain/thunder storm last night, and that he found him and was able to get him back inside.  Crazy kitty had snuck out when we weren't looking and got caught in the storm!
9. Muffin, for snuggling with me last night. She's so cute!
10. That our taxes are done. Federal returns e-filed, and state returns mailed out. Phew!


  1. Amy already caught up to you....I better put my reading cap on.....I'm still in the first book!

    1. Yup! Better get on it!! I'm pretty impressed she caught up so fast! These are some dense books! Are you liking them any better now than when you started?