Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26th - Heather

1.  Having sick days and not having to call 20 people just to find one that can cover for me when I need to take one!

2.  Not having a migraine....even after all the sleep I packed into yesterday I felt a little headache lingering about the edges of my brain....but it did not turn into the dreaded migraine!

3.  I finished the first book in the Song and Ice and Fire I'm only a book and half behind my lovely friends...I think. And if one or the other of them has begun the fourth book  I don't want to know yet!!!!

4.  That some of the books for my grad classes are available in Kindle editions!  My Kindle is so much more portable than big clunky text books.

5.  Textbook information in general!  I was starting to panic since my first class starts May 19th - aka in just a couple of weeks!!!  And according to their website, the bookstore on campus still didn't have anything in stock and because it wasn't in stock I couldn't even see the title information.  So I called one of my wonderful co-workers in the Education Department and she told me where I could find the textbook info without having to rely on the bookstore's website!  And now I can breathe!!!

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