Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6th, 2012 - JJ

1. Wikipedia. Helping me remember things that have been forced out of my brain in order to make room for more pertinent information. It seems I've replaced all the info I knew about Ataxia with info about Smith-Magenis. Thanks to wikipedia I now remember all I need to know about both, but I'm wondering what's been pushed out to make room this time?

2. Hydrogen peroxide, for keeping my cat scratches from getting infected and for not hurting when applied.

3. It's FRIDAY! Can't wait to get the work day overwith and get home and relax!

4. Megan Mims, for remembering that my birthday is coming up and for wanting to celebrate with me. I'm getting excited about having a girls' night next weekend!

5. Derick, who has decided to make me an easter basket this year AND hide easter eggs for me to find. I'm so excited!!! I also love that he knows that there is a difference between Easter and my birthday even though they're only a day apart, and has apparently gotten me little Easter presents that have nothing to do with my birthday present. It's going to be a good weekend! :)

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