Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19th - Heather

1.  Having the privilege of spending so much time with Dr Brenda J Allen during her visit to Carroll University.

2.  Having the privilege of interacting with faculty and staff from across campus in a series of discussions inspired by Dr Allen's book Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity.  These interactions have made me that much more confident that I'm moving in the right direction in pursuing my phd and entering the world of academia.

3.  The thank you card I received from the collegue whose meal I was able to pay for as a random act of kindness last week.  I didn't do it for the recognition, but it was very sweet of her to send the card.

4.  The thank you card and handpicked flowers that I received the next day from one of my bosses for my willingness to drive out to the airport to pick up Dr Allen.  I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Dr Allen so much that it didn't occur to me that what I offered to do was worthy of thanks.  Somehow the flowers and card meant that much more.

5.  Enjoying a couple of hours curled up on the couch this evening NOT doing the laundry and other small domestic items that should be done before our weekend company arrives tomorrow...they're SOOOOO judgmental if the house isn't spotless!  [Please note the heavy sarcasm in italics!!!]

6.  Realizing that I had learned AND retained more french than I thought when writing an email to my french professor...and my surprise was doubled when JJ came online and I was able to type out the first few lines of our conversation on gchat in french without difficulty and without even thinking twice.

7.  That aforementioned friend studied french and so didn't think I was entirely crazy for chatting in a foreign language.

8.  That the meeting of I'm not sure who was canceled in a particular room on campus allowing me to find an easy solution to a last minute problem...when I got the log in instructions for a 2 pm webinar I realized I needed a telephone...the room I had reserved and advertised for the event was phoneless!   I was able to line up a room that had everything necessary, contact all the rsvp'd parties and post a sign at the advertised room redirecting anyone who forgot to rsvp in just about 2 hours!!!!

9.  That one of my housemates (a collegue whose office is in the same house on campus as mine) offered to go take the above mentioned sign down later in the afternoon in my stead because I had already made arrangements to go directly from a meeting to the airport.

10.  That it rained hard enough today to hear it.  I love the sound of the rain!

11.  That the little purrbox currently curled up on my back is so loving and so baby-like!!!  It's so hysterical!  Until he flops down and knocks the farts right out of himself!!!!  SLIGHTLY less adorable...bit just slightly!

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