Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9th, 2012 - JJ

1. It's my birthday!
2. The wonderful Easter we had yesterday. Derick and I hid eggs for each other around the house and made each other easter baskets. I definitely got the better end of the deal, as he bought me a book I'd been wanting, my favorite Burts Bees pomegranate chapstick, a bar of fancy espresso chocolate, and a french press! He also wrote each letter of "french press" on a little piece of paper and stuck it in the easter eggs so that I had to find all of them and unscramble the word before I got my Easter basket. It was so much fun!
3. All the food we had yesterday. Started off with french press coffee. Jess, you were not joking around when you said it's a thousand times better. I could not believe it! I think regular drip coffee is going to be hard to go back to after that (luckily I don't have to today....see #4 for why!). Then we made spring rolls with peanut sauce for lunch. We started off dinner with an appetizer of anchovy deviled eggs (AMAZING!), followed by ham glazed with Tammy's pepper jam and covered with pineapple slices and whole cloves, au gratin potatoes which I added garlic and aleppo pepper to to make it extra delicious, and our attempt at the green beans with fish sauce vinaigrette that we had at Girl & the Goat. SO DELICIOUS!  Finished up with carrot cake. So thankful for all the food blessings in my life!
4. Jenna, who brought me a birthday latte to work this morning!  This toffee nut latte pairs pretty well with carrot cake for breakfast. :) She also brought me a bottle of wine, which I will enjoy this evening with sushi! YUM!
5. That I have no appointments today, so I was able to wear jeans to work on my birthday.
6. The kids I babysit for, Beck and Ava, who are so considerate for their age. We rarely watch movies when I sit for them, but whenever we do they always agree that we should watch a movie that I either haven't seen or want to watch. It surprises me every time. This weekend we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. So great!
7. Casey's 5 things e-mail from Ireland. I loved it! I can't wait until she gets back so I can see all the pictures and hear about her adventures!
8. The wonderful birthday present Muffin gave me this morning. She's finally decided that she'll play with Allagash rather than just running away from him or hissing at him. It was nice to see them playing this morning before I left for work.
9. Allagash, who is adorable and hilarious. He makes me smile every day.
10. The Zombie Oragami book that Kate gave me! I asked to borrow it and she said I could keep it. I'm pretty excited to make some zombies!

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