Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18th, 2012 - JJ

1. That Derick went down to the car to look for my work phone the other night when I realized right before bed that I couldn't find it anywhere. I was already in my pjs and didn't want to get dressed again so he was super sweet and did it for me. What a nice guy! :)
2. Revolution tonight with everyone! I second Emily's comment today about being excited to hear more about Erica's trip to Morocco and to see pictures. Can't wait! Oh, and the new beer sounds interesting too. A beligian trippel aged in french cabernet oak barrels. Mmmmm. Love my belgian beers!
3. Lotion. The soap at the office dries my skin out in a serious way, so I'm very thankful for lotion and how it fixes this problem. Also thankful for Mrs. Kircher, who gave me the fancy tuscan blood orange lotion that I keep at work. Smells heavenly!
4. McDonalds. I know fast food is bad for you and all that, but some days McDonalds saves my life!!
5. That I'm having a much better day today than I did yesterday. I'm feeling pretty good about most things in life today and my mind is working at light speed which is a thousand times better than yesterday, when I couldn't remember the 4 things I went to Target for and walked around aimlessly for a while before remembering that I did in fact have a purpose for being there.
6. An extra today: That I was able to get off the phone with a certain person in a minute and 37 seconds. Usually I'm on the phone with this person for great lengths of time, hearing the same thing repeated over and over again so it was nice to have a quick, concise conversation and then hang up. Love it!

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