Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd, 2012 - JJ

1. My fancy fun camera! We went down town yesterday and I got to play with it which was great fun! I'm also glad that we didn't get caught in the pouring rain with the camera. It was close, but we managed to escape the downpour and when we finished our shopping and went outside it was like the storm had never happened. Perfect!
2. Dresses. I feel pretty and it's kind of amazing that they're actually way more comfortable to wear when it's hot out (and it is soooooo hot and humid out today!).
3. Casey Price. I just love her and I'm so glad to have met her when I moved here. I always have fun when we get together, and I'm really thankful that she's moving to Seattle and not some other random town because it means I will still get to see her often!
4. That I got to see Nika, Jeff, and Matteo this weekend! Matteo is the most adorable, happy baby I've met in a long time!  SO CUTE! And I love Nika and Jeff. They're so laid back and easy to be around, even as new parents. :)
5. Less than 3 weeks until we get married!!! Invitations to our parties should be going out later this week! And we put together a wedding website: although it doesn't have much info because it weirds me out to think about my personal info floating around on the internet with no ability to screen who gets access to it. Which is kind of funny, since I post this stuff on the internet all the time on the 5 things blog I share with Heather.

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  1. Love the photo caption on the wedding website! True perfection! :)