Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th - Heather

1.  Gentle reminders from friends that I havne't posted my 5 things in a while!  It's not that I haven't been thankful in the past two's just that life was kind of kicking my butt.  Wrapping up grad course #1 (with a research paper and presentation), starting grad course #2, being in Chicago for surprises and festivities and then staying on in Chicago for a pre-conference workshop and the conference...let's just say yesterday was my first full night of sleep in two weeks!  But wow, it was all amazing!

2.  That aforementioned research paper and presentation went perfectly!  I'm not sure it could have gone any better...unless of course I had actually finished it like three weeks ago, of course!

3.  That I got a perfect score in my first grad course....some of you may know, I'm a tiny bit of a it was really important to me to see that 100%!

4.  After clearing out as much food as we could so that it wouldn't spoil before we left for Chicago, we knew that one of the first things that would need to happen this past weekend upon our return would be grocery went really well.  Ok, that sounds kind of odd.  But generally, we don't like to plan menus, which makes grocery shopping a bit of a chore.  But we did pretty good about getting just what we needed to make meals for the week!

5.  I genearlly dispise food ads on tv....they seem to always be for food I shouldn't eat, don't like or that NEVER end up being as good as they look on tv.  But there's an ad running for garlic bread pizza from one of the major pizza chains....and it gave me an idea...we genearlly buy a pumpernickel french bread loaf to make breakfast strata...and we always have a handful of slices leftover every week.  We made little pizzas with the leftover bread and some cheese, olives, canadian bacon and it was tasty!  It reminded me of Texas toast pizza days in elementary school!

6.  Rainer cherries!!!!  I love them and they had a really good price for them at the store yesterday.

7.  Going to the gym tonight....haven't been in quite some time - Foursquare will tell me exactly how long it's been when I check in tonight.

8.  Being in Chicago to join friends for a weekly gathering at Revolution Brewery.  It was nice to sit and chat (aka yell over the din of happy people) with JJ, Derick, Emily and Jake on a regular old Wednesday.

9.  The view from my hotel room for the conference.  I was on the 29th floor looking right out over Lake Michigan.  It was beautiful.

10.  Timely conference materials.  I was able to use some of the information from one of my conference sessions in my discussion board post for class.  I love when different spheres of life overlap like that!

11.  Being away and leaving out cats home alone for a whole week was scary.  They tend to make a mess of things on a day to day basis.  I was slightly fearful to walk upstairs to see what kind of mess awaited me....and there wasn't one!  I was also kind of afraid our cats would hate us for being gone so long...they didn't!  Edward wanted constant cuddling all weekend and Jake...well Jake wanted to talk all weekend because clearly he had really important things to say to us while we were gone and he had to fill us in!

12.  My new iPad!!!!!  I love it!  It was tons of fun using it at the conference and now integrating it into my daily life!!!  Thank you mom!

13.  A new clothing addiction.  When my boss came in this morning she brought in a catalog that came in the mail called The Pyramid Collection...this could very easily become a big problem....

14.  Finding a replacement for my iGoogle homepage: I'm still getting used to it, but I think I might like it!

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