Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12th, 2012 - JJ

1. Glasses. I should get mine back today with their new lenses and I am so excited about it!!  Contacts are pretty wonderful too, but I'm looking forward to giving my eyes a break from consistent contact use!
2. Getting to catch up with friends lately. I got to talk to Kelly and Adrienne recently and hear about everything that's been going on in their lives. I should be better about keeping in touch with friends!
3. The Honest Toddler Blog ( that Heather Brackett posted on facebook recently. I've been reading a few posts a day and it is so funny!!  Shared it with a coworker who has a 2 year old and she loves it too! :)
4. That today is an office day. I have a ton of paperwork to get finished and it's awesome to be able to just shut the door and crank it out!  Which I will start doing as soon as I'm done writing this e-mail and reading another entry or two on the honest toddler blog.
5. That I have a job in a field that I love. My job isn't perfect by any means, and there's often a lot of drama and politics to deal with, but I'm very happy to be employed and to be in a position to learn a lot of new things every day.
6. Drinks and dinner with friends last night. I'm old now, apparently, and get tired really early, but it was awesome to be able to see everyone, and to meet Erica's boyfriend!! 

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