Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th, 2012 - JJ

1. Less than a week until we get married!!! So crazy!
2. House cleaning services. There are cleaners in my house cleaning it all nice and beautiful right now as I type this. I'm thankful that they're here, that we can afford them, that they're really nice, that their cleaning products don't smell bad, and that Derick I don't have to clean everything ourselves! Also thankful that they're tolerating Allagash, who can't decide if he should be watching them like a hawk or running away from them in fear of his life (He's literally been sprinting back and forth down the hall since they got here).
3. Coffee. I'm pretty sure I'm about to get addicted to it again this week.
4. I get to see Jess in just a few hours!!! Well, more than a few, but I get to see her in less than 24 hours, and that's what counts! I'm so excited!!!
5. The amazing food and fun times we've had the last few days with Jenny. I'm also really glad I got to see Cassie again, and hopefully we'll hang out more regularly in the future! And that I got to talk with her husband, Kevin, who is hilarious and a lot of fun.
6. I get to marry Derick in 5 days! Have I mentioned that recently??
7. All of our window air conditioning units. It's a bajillion degrees outside today already and it's super humid! Plus tomorrow is supposed to be worse. So I'm incredibly thankful to have multiple air conditioners to keep my house nice and liveable!  Also, so that I don't worry about Jess and Jenny cooking in our house while we're gone at work the next few days.
8. That we're not having a big white wedding. This small one is creating enough stress and enough things to do that I don't know how we'd manage to pull off a big one! 
9. My dad, who said he'd take care of making sure we have enough brandy snifters to go around for our wedding day Spanish Coffee toast. We've been hunting for them everywhere and can't seem to find any that are affordable ($80 for 4 is WAY TOO MUCH!)!
10. My momma, who sends me daily reminders of how soon our wedding is coming up, and any changes in the weather forecast for that day. :) 
11. Tammy for putting together our wedding favors for us! So nice not to have to worry about it, and to know that everyone will be getting something amazing that both Derick and I love so much. :)
12. Heather & Kathy for doing so much cooking for us at their place in Milwaukee. It's such a big help!
13. My job, for allowing me to work from home today to let the cleaners in and to get things done around here. It was the least Tim could do after he stole my partner from me for two weeks to send her to Springfield!
14. That I finally organized everything in our bedroom. It looks so nice now that all our bills and things to be filed aren't piled all over our desk, that all of our grad school stuff is put away, and that our text books are out where we can find them if we need to do some research for work. Love it!
15. Ava, the little girl I babysit for on occasion. I am cat sitting for her parents for a few days so I had to stop by their place this morning to get the key, and Ava came down and gave me a 5 minute long hug and was so excited that I am getting married soon. She's so adorable and I wish I could see her more often! And who doesn't love big hugs to start your day?

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